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Novastar Link produce a range of high quality micro, secondary and macro nutrient products designed and formulated to satisfy the needs of all crops grown in the UK.

To compete with the best Novastar has to be different and better. We achieve this with a combination of flexibility, quality, service and price.


  • Novastar supplies its foliar feeds in a container size suitable to you ranging from 1L to 1000L IBCs.
  • If it suits your business, Novastar will use your label on the can.
  • Novastar will manufacture tailor made nutrient mixes ideally suited to particular crops and growing situations. If you identify a particular need we can supply you with your own product.
  • Novastar have a range of readymade multi-nutrient as well as single element products.


Our manufacturing facility operates to ISO 9001 standards.


Contact us and we will do all the rest. As a customer, you come first.


Whether you are a distributor or end user, Novastar products will always be competitively priced.

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