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Novastar Link, your perfect partner.

Modern, intensive farming relies on pest control and fertilisers that are both effective and cost-effective. And at Novastar Link, our aim is to provide just that. Our manufacturing follows best practice; and our service and support ensures total satisfaction.

Why Novastar?

Based in North-West England but with distribution across Europe and beyond, we’re a rapidly-growing independent specialist in agrochemicals. Our team can call upon decades of experience in the agricultural industry, from grass roots farming and crop protection to marketing and formulation chemistry. And it’s this knowledge and expertise that enables us to develop, manufacture and market products perfect for your needs.

Quality and safety you can rely on

Our reputation rests on the quality of our products – so we make sure our manufacturing follows best practice, with all our formulating and packing plants ISO 9002-certified, with regular auditing and monitoring for consistency and environmental safety. Working with GLP/GEP institutes and manufacturers of active substances, we’ve also developed our own data packages.

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